After Hours Access

Tenants accessing the building after-hours can enter using their valid security access card.

If the tenant does not have his/her access card, we will verify that the information on their driver's license matches the data in our access control system. If we do not find a match, we will call the tenant contact for approval before access is given. If the tenant does not have an access card issued in their name, but has other proof of employment (i.e. business card), the tenant contact will be called for verification and approval.

Tenants are responsible for the security of their individual suite. Security officers are not allowed to open locked doors for any person after working hours unless authorization is obtained from the tenant contact and the Property Management Office.

After-Hour Deliveries

The lobby officer is not authorized to sign for packages or food deliveries and these deliveries will not be allowed past the security console. If you are expecting an after-hours delivery, please contact the Property Management Office with the name and phone number of the individual that will be available to pick-up the delivery when it arrives. Due to liability issues, we cannot sign for packages at the security console.