Loading Dock

The loading dock is on the West Side of the parking garage off Market Street. It is available Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and at other times with the approval of the Property Management Office. There is a 30-minute unloading period for vehicles using the loading dock. Package delivery/pick up services may park in the dock for 10 minutes. Deliveries that will last longer than one hour will need to be scheduled through the Property Management Office.

The Courtesy Staff Officers will not sign for tenant packages. Packages or materials are not to be left on the dock or the courtesy desk. All deliveries on a pallet must be met at the dock by a representative of your company and escorted to your space.

Vendors should be reminded that all deliveries are to be made via the loading dock and freight elevators. All courier deliveries must access the building through the Lower Level of the garage. Courier services should access the garage through the Market Street entrance. Fifteen-minute parking is provided in the Lower Level of the garage.