Building Access

Normal Hours Tenant Access

The main building entrance is located on Market Street with additional entrances located via the South Plaza and through the Parking Garage entrance in the West Lobby. The Market Street entrance will be unlocked and the South Plaza and Parking Garage entrances can be utilized via card access from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Retail shops have access directly from the street and/or from the garage corridor.

After-Hours Tenant Access

An access card system makes 400 WEST MARKET accessible 24 hours a day. After-hours access can be gained through the two main building entrances: the Market Street entrance and through the Parking Garage entrance. Card readers are adjacent to all entrances for your convenience. Tenant employees who do not possess a valid access card will not be admitted without prior approval from the tenant contact.

After-Hours Visitor Access

If you are expecting visitors after hours, notify the Property Management Office in advance to authorize your guests. Building staff will not unlock individual office suites. The tenant is responsible for providing visitors or service personnel with after-hours access to their suite unless otherwise arranged in advance with the Property Management Office. When authorizing after-hours access, please send an email to both [email protected] and [email protected]. Please include the following:

  • Names of the expected visitors
  • Name of the firm
  • Date and expected time of arrival

Each tenant must provide a telephone number(s) of key contact personnel for emergency use only.

Access to Locked Building Areas

Occasionally, it will be necessary for certain people to gain access to locked areas of the building, i.e. telephone closets, air handling rooms. In order to maintain the integrity of these rooms, keys may be signed out at the Property Management Office on a temporary basis; a driver’s license may be requested as a deposit.

Elevator Access

The passenger elevators are available for Tenant use 24/7. The elevators in the mid-rise and high-rise banks are controlled by card access which limits access to select floors to designated card holders. The building freight elevator is also available 24/7, but is also controlled by card access after-hours to limit access to tenant floors that are designated to certain individuals. The garage elevators and low-rise elevators are both available 24/7 without restrictions.

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