Passenger Elevators

The building is equipped with 14 passenger elevators as follows:

Five low-rise elevators service floors 1-11: Designated cars 1-5

Four mid-rise elevators service floors 11-20: Designated cars 6-9

Five high-rise elevators service floors 20-33: Designated cars 11-15

Passenger elevators are for the exclusive use of people. Carts, dollies, hand trucks, large packages, etc. are not permitted on passenger elevators. Delivery of all material and supplies must be via the service elevators.

Garage Elevators

Two garage elevators service Levels LL-5 of the parking garage.

Service Elevators

One service elevator, designated SE2, services the Dock and Garage Lower Level. It does not service the building. SE2 must be used to move materials from the Dock to the Garage Lower Level where it can be moved to the service elevator SE1.

One service elevator, designated SE1, services the Lower Level thru Level 35 of the building. Transfer from SE2 to SE1 is from the Garage Lower Level.

Scheduling of the service elevators must be done through the Property Management Office. Furniture, large shipments and office move-in/move-out must be scheduled with the Property Management Office and take place after building hours.